About Quintessential Finance Group, Ltd.

Quintessential Finance Group Ltd. represents a leading portfolio of UK financial industry entities and brands, and maintains an on-site loan advisor team and call centre south of Manchester. The firm focuses on technologically driven online, digital, and telesales marketing approaches in expanding its customer base. Quintessential Finance Group’s partners include the online brands Enhance Financial Services, My Loan, My Insurance, My Mortgage, and My Debt.

The Group’s range of products encompasses price comparison, credit management, debt consolidation, and online loan search and application. The firm employs forward-thinking strategies in reaching large numbers of customers with maximum efficiency. The inbound and outbound call centre handles an average of 10,000 financial enquiries each day, generated both from direct marketing initiatives and third-party introducers. The Group’s technologically savvy marketing approaches include pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimization.

One of the Quintessential Finance Group’s most popular brands is Pingtree, which stands as the UK’s leading broker and generator of payday loan customers. The state-of-the-art technologies underpinning the brand support hundreds of digital and website marketing channels. Pingtree’s nationwide success and its scalable modular platform design have led to expansion into U.S. and Australian markets. Launches of the brand’s services in Canada and Brazil are expected in the near future.

A key driver of the Group’s market expansion over the past six years involves its willingness to engage with customers who have less-than-ideal credit. The recent global recession has had a stifling effect on traditional loan channels, and major financial institutions remain reluctant to extend credit to many consumers. Quintessential Finance Group takes pride in creating an engaging online and telephone environment that makes loan seekers feel comfortable and informed of alternatives that will help them secure financing and recover from overhanging debt.


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